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The Loveless Series

This emotional duet explores what life looks like after you get knocked down, and how beautiful the process of getting back up can be.

The End and Then follows Eden's journey as she moves to Loveless, Colorado after a traumatic event has rocked her world. She finds solace in a simple life working alongside her best friend, while running from the past as best she can. But she soon meets Chase Taylor, who is determined to show her just how strong she truly is, whether she's ready to believe that or not.

What's Left of Me picks up where Eden's story leaves off, this time from the perspective of her best friend Zoey, who has her own burdens to bear. She's worked hard to keep them hidden from everyone in her life, including her friend-with-benefits, Aaron Moore. But Aaron wants more than just her body- he wants her heart, and he knows she needs space to heal herself before she'll be willing to share it with him. Left to choose between facing her painful past or continuing to hold the people she cares for most at arm's length, Zoey must finally allow herself to be vulnerable in her journey to regaining her strength. 

About Hannah Bird.

Hannah's accolades include a 2nd grade teacher who said her story about bats had "very good potential" and enough accelerated reading medals to sink a body at sea. Her goals in life are to write novels that will make you cry and to check everything off the bucket list she wrote at seventeen. Hannah resides among the rolling hills of Tennessee with her other half and their clingy golden retriever. When she is not writing, she is trying to outrun her sweet tooth in the gym.

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