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Available September 5th, 2024


Falling in love with a Parker must be genetic. It's the only way Delilah Ridgefield can make sense of the mess that is her life.

Some other things that are genetic? The hazel eyes she shares with her mom, the need to care for others that she gets from her dad, and her father's dementia diagnosis, which brings him back into her life after years of radio silence.

The truth is, after he had an affair that imploded her life, Delilah thought she had more time to be angry. But time is a finite resource, one she'd like to make the most of while they still have it.

Returning to her hometown means facing those feelings head-on, along with the ones she never fully let go of for Truett Parker, the boy she's loved since childhood. And the son of the woman her dad cheated with.

Delilah's falling into the exact life her father led: caring for an ailing parent, putting her own dreams aside, and falling in love with a Parker. Is history doomed to repeat itself, or can it ever be changed?

More importantly, does she want it to?

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