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Forever wasn't supposed to look like this.


When Leona Granger studied abroad in Ireland, she spent a lot more time falling in love with Callum Walsh than she did in the classroom. On the eve of her return to the States, she promised to come back for him when she finished college. They said goodbye under the stars, sealing their promise with more than just a kiss. 

Callum has spent the last twelve years trying not to wonder why Leona, and everyone else for that matter, finds it so easy to leave him behind. Now a single father, all he wants is to give his beautiful daughter the best life he can. Nothing, not even Leona showing up after a decade of radio silence, will get in the way of that.

But Leona had her reasons for not returning. When the just-good-enough life she built in the wake of losing the baby she never told Callum about falls apart, she realizes it's time to come clean. It might be too late to keep her promise to Callum, but for the child they lost, she has to try. 

Faced with feelings they long thought buried, Callum and Leona have to decide if it's worth exposing all their hidden scars for a second chance at the promise of forever with the one that never should've gotten away. 

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