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When the actions of one man have marked who you became, how do you get back to who you were?


It’s a question Zoey Allen has been avoiding for the better part of a decade. 


The world sees her as a vivacious, take-no-shit businesswoman, and she's nearly convinced herself it's enough. That is until spontaneous and sweet Aaron Moore ignores the No Trespassing sign on her heart and starts dismantling the walls she's built brick by brick.


But Zoey has rules for a reason. Her thought process is clear: if she never falls in love, she can't become a victim again. So when Aaron decides he wants more than the casual relationship she's been offering, Zoey sticks to the rules. 

A threat to the business she's worked so hard to build brings with it a chance to maintain the status quo- in the form of a rookie cop who offers the no-strings-attached relationship she thinks she wants. Yet no mater how hard she tries, forgetting Aaron is proving impossible, and her past won't be kept at bay any longer. 

For the first time in so long, she desperately wants to find a way back to that elusive peace her first boyfriend stole. To get it, she has to accept how her past has shaped her present while learning how to give her whole heart to somebody with what few pieces remain. 

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